Monday, August 15, 2011

Always Carry Your Camera

New England Rednecks

I have never, ever, taken a picture I like on an occasion when I did not have a camera with me.

My wife accompanied me on an assignment one summer which took us to Massachusetts, Maine, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. We traveled by car and were able to take some time off for ourselves, including a pleasant weekend with friends in southwestern New Hampshire. We all went out for a Sunday afternoon ramble, and even though it was an off-day for me I followed my rule of always carrying a camera. I took only an 85mm lens, but the combination proved to be just right when we stopped at the ol' village swimmin' hole. I photographed casually in automatic exposure mode as the dog made dive after dive. This is the one I like best.

Please note that, contrary to popular opinion, rednecks are everywhere, not just in the South.  (Olympus OM2n, 85mm Zuiko, Fujichrome 100.)

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