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Back to Maine: 1984

 Derelict Schooners, Wiscasset, Maine.

We went back to Maine in 1984. This time our primary purpose was not vacation, although we did do that, of course.

We had decided to send our son, Don, who was then 16, to the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, based on coastal Maine at Camden. The four-week program included camping, backpacking, canoeing, sailing, and other activities to develop self-reliance and leadership skills.

Don went up to Maine by bus and we picked him up in Camden at the end of the Outward Bound program, camped around Maine with him for a few days, then drove him across Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont to the Word of Life Camp at Schroon Lake, New York while we drove back to Maine for two more weeks of vacation.

The Outward Bound program was transformative, but not immediately. The kid who couldn't focus on anything was discovered by the Outward Bound instructors to have immense powers of concentration when given a sufficient challenge.This paid off in the army when he spent ten-plus years disarming bombs. Today, he has a busy company contracting to remove unexploded ordinance from various sites and is negotiating to expand his business to the Ukraine.

Lobster shack, Cape Neddick, Maine.

Left on our own, Louise and I had a great two weeks knocking around the southeast coast of Maine, including a great week camping at the Cape Neddick campground.

I brought the Olympus OM SLRs this time, but didn't use them all that much, and, in fact, didn't get anything I care to display. I did get a few shots with my 4x5 view camera, slow and cumbersome as it is, that I like, so I'm showing them here.

A good trip in many ways, but photographically not very productive. Both photos were made on Kodak Ektachrome film. It was not until around 1987 that I switched to Fujichrome.

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  1. Dave, I like the photo of the schooners, and there cannot be anything bad about a photograph with an old Ford truck. 😄
    My wife and I would like visit the coast of Maine, preferably off-season.

    1. You would probably enjoy Maine, Greg, if you've never been before. We are spoiled by the it-ain't-the-way-it-used-to-was syndrome.